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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cory Booker spills the Dem's beans and Ford's checkered past is emerging

Spartacus comes out with the obvious truth. The facts do not matter, the Dems were against Kavanaugh from the get-go, and they would do whatever it took to destroy his nomination.
As far as moving on, seriously? They will do whatever it takes to upend anyone that Trump nominates and have more or less indicated that they would do so.

Should they succeed in destroying this man's entire life, there must be severe legal repercussions toward those who perpetuated this libelous campaign against him solely to pursue their own political agenda.
Excerpts from the following discuss the issue and reveal the chicanery behind this egregious affair as well as the scrubbing of Ford's antics and her outright lies which seemingly could be labeled as perjury.

The Leftist agenda:

Cory Booker: Ditch Kavanaugh, whether he’s ‘innocent or guilty’
Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, amid the ongoing FBI probe into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, suggested the Senate needs to “move on” to another Supreme Court nominee whether Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty.

Booker, D-N.J., days earlier backed the FBI’s re-opened supplemental background investigation into Kavanaugh. But amid speculation that the probe could come to an end any day now, Booker indicated Tuesday that it's too late for Kavanaugh. He said his "credibility" has already been challenged and his "temperament" revealed at last week's heated hearing with him and accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

“Ultimately—not whether he's innocent or guilty, this is not a trial ... have enough questions been raised that we should not move on to another candidate?” Booker, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, said on Capitol Hill Tuesday. continue

With the Kavanaugh Fight, Political Warfare Escalates
Scorched earth. That’s the tactic the Democrats and their enablers in the media and George Soros-funded hit squads are employing against Brett Kavanaugh. We all know it. We all experienced that sharp intake of breath when it was first reported that Dianne Feinstein had a letter from some anonymous female accusing Kavanaugh of having engaged in sexual misconduct with her when he was in high school. Depending on your estimate of Judge Kavanaugh’s character, you focused either on “sexual misconduct” (“Now we’ve got ’em matey!”) or on “high school” (“Really? You’re going after a guy with a sterling record because he may have hit on a girl at a party in high school?”) I belong firmly in the latter camp. But of course that was just the beginning of an extraordinary, and orchestrated (I want to emphasize that) effort to destroy a man of exceptional ability and exceptional integrity

Now, for phony Doctor Ford:

HOLY CRAP! Christine Ford’s Stanford Bio Page WAS ALTERED — Updated 10 Days Before Hearing
During testimony Thursday in front of Senate Judiciary Committee Christine Ford identified herself as a “Research Psychologist” at the Stanford School of Medicine.

However a search through the Department of Consumer Affairs License Bureau produced NO RESULTS for Christine Ford or deviations of her name.

Earlier this week NPR explained why they don’t call Christine Ford a doctor because they reserve the title of “Dr.” for an individual who holds a doctor of dental surgery, medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine or veterinary medicine..

That was a smart move.
There are no state records that show Ford is a licensed psychologist.
This is another direct hit on Ford’s credibility.

Now this…

The Christine Blasey Ford bio page on the Stanford website was altered earlier this month.

The bio page used to look like this — Christine Blasey is given title of Research Psychologist.

Christine Ford’s criminal record was scrubbed the day after she reported her story to WaPo, making it appear to be a Democrat-engineered plot from the start
Christine Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she reported her alleged assault by Brett Kavanaugh to the Washington Post tip line on July 6, 2018, the same day she also reported it to Democrat Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.

On July 7, 2018, Ford’s criminal record was scrubbed from the database, quickly expunged obviously, which gives her entire case the appearance of being engineered by the Democrats long before her letter to Dianne Feinstein, dated July 30, 2018.

No regular citizen could pull off a criminal record expungement in 24 hours. However, powerful Washington politicians with partisans in every state could likely accomplish that.

 Two real kickers!

Christine Ford Wrote Article on Self-Hypnosis Used to “Create Artificial Situations”
The left is quick to dismiss and label anything a “conspiracy theory” that goes against what they want the liberal masses to believe. However, a lot of the things they call “conspiracy theories” are likely to be proven true. Christine Ford published a paper in 2008 that explains how it is possible to self-hypnotize and invent stories (and memories) that the person wants to believe. If Ford proved in the paper that it is commonly done, how can this one be a conspiracy theory?

Christine Ford has not turned over her therapist’s notes to the Senate regarding her suppressed memories about Judge Kavanaugh abusing her decades earlier.

This alone set off red alerts in the minds of the American people. If there is nothing to hide, then why refuse to turn over the reports? What could those reports reveal about Ford’s story?

This may be because if the memories were revealed through hypnosis they would be “absolutely inadmissible” in a court of law in many states, including New York and Maryland.

If she was able to hypnotize herself, she could have easily planted false memories of Brett Kavanaugh attempting to rape her. Additionally, this would come in handy when she quickly volunteered to take a polygraph. Why was she so eager to take the polygraph? No one prompted her to do so.  She was under a hypnotic trance.

("She was under a hypnotic trance." Could this be true, If so, it might explain some of her strange mannerisms.)

Two Women Unravel Christine Blasey Ford’s Story
In her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her sometime during the time both were in high school, claimed that the alleged attack knocked her off kilter for four years and that she began to recover memories of the assault during couples therapy sessions that took place in 2012.

We’ve already documented in our article, “Bombshell: Christine Blasey Ford’s Hidden High School Social Life” Christine Blasey Fords dark relationship with alcohol and the commoditization of sex at Holton Arms, her elite all-girls school in suburban Washington, DC.

Now Blasey Ford’s claim that the alleged attack knocked her off kilter for four years has also been debunked by a college friend of hers who tweeted that Blasey Ford continued her partying ways into college.

Denise C. McAllister @McAllisterDen wrote at the beginning of a twitter thread, “Republicans need to stop saying Ford was credible but Kavanaugh is innocent. She cannot be credible with zero evidence. A quivering voice doesn’t equal credibility. Allegation is not proof. Stop being manipulated by a woman’s emotions. You’d think men had learned this by now.”

McAllister further tweeted, “Christine Blasey Ford was a classmate of mine at UNC. We graduated in 1988. I want to ask Christine if she remembers partying at Trolls, drinking at He’s Not Here. Hooking up with guys at Henderson Street. Eating at Time Out. Remember those days, Christine? Tell us about them.”  continue:

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