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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Radical Islamism and Reality

Unfortunately, there remain far too many people who are either too good hearted or contemptuous of their own culture to accept the fact that Islamism is a totalitarian ideology bent on  world domination.  Its adherents show no compassion or mercy toward non-believers and will either enslave or murder them. 
Additionally, the extreme elements have no compunction over abusing and/or executing fellow Muslims who are deemed to be not Muslim enough. Many such have have suffered horrendously under their hands.
Below are excerpts from five articles, with links to the entire ones, which discuss the issue from many perspectives and are well worth the read.

Islam Against the West

American Greatness, By Pedro Gonzalez, September 13th, 2018:
On September 11, 2001, 19 Muslims hijacked four planes and used them to murder 2,977 people. Included in that number are 343 firefighters, 72 law enforcement officers, and nearly 200 military and civilian personnel killed at the Pentagon. Victims could be claimed by more than 90 countries and as many as 10,000 children lost their parents.

As New York burned, thousands of Muslims in the West Bank celebrated the attack with the abandonment of dervishes, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and doling out candy. Much closer to home, Muslims in New Jersey also partook in diabolical festivities.

“Some men were dancing, some held kids on their shoulders,” said retired Jersey City police Captain Peter Gallagher. Though there was more than one celebration, Gallagher cleared 20 to 30 people from one particular rooftop at 6 Tonnele Avenue. “The women were shouting in Arabic and keening in the high-pitched wail of Arabic fashion,” Gallagher told NJ Advance Media.

That we are only now shuttering the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in our nation’s capital is evidence we value tolerance to our detriment in America. continue
Why Confront Islam?

More Germans arm themselves amid fears around refugees

 On her website, 24-year-old German woman Carolin Matthie describes herself as a “model, author and influencer”. In recent months, however, she is better known for the gun she carries in a holster, tucked into the small of her back.

Now the Berlin university student is the poster girl for a growing number of Germans arming themselves with pepper spray, knuckle-dusters and other accessories of angst.

Matthie bought her gun after a close encounter in the summer of 2016. Walking home to her university dorm in a deserted area of the capital, six men began following her and shouted drunkenly after her in an unfamiliar language.
The men only disappeared, she said, when a security company car, on its hourly round, passed by chance.  

Afraid she wouldn’t be so lucky a second time around, Matthie paid €50 for a gun licence and €189 for a Walther P99 air pistol. It looks like the real thing but is more a deterrent, she says, though she has not yet needed to draw it in public. continue

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Islam’s Impact on the West’s Identity
The ugly truth

What role if any did Islam play in shaping Europe’s identity, both in the past and the present?

Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies at American University, Washington, DC, and author of the new book, Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity, claims that Islam had a largely positive impact on Europe’s identity (including by invoking the Myth of the Andalusian Paradise).
Thus, any European suspicion or rejection of Muslim migrants is wholly unwarranted.  As Ahmed elaborates in a recent article:
As is often the case whenever the sophists apologize for Islam and blame the West, reality is the exact opposite. (emphasis mine) Both past and present, Islam’s own well documented “predator identity”—which manifested itself in centuries of jihad and atrocities—was and is responsible for the “militaristic lengths that [non-Muslim] people will resort to in order to protect their identity.”

Hence the irony: yes, Europe’s identity is largely a byproduct of Islam—but hardly in the way the apologists claim: “If we … ask ourselves how and when the modern notion of Europe and the European identity was born,” writes historian Franco Cardini, “we realize the extent to which Islam was a factor (albeit a negative one) in its creation.  Repeated Muslim aggression against Europe between the seventh to eighth centuries, then between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries … was a ‘violent midwife’ to Europe.” continue

 Dalai Lama: ‘Europe Belongs to Europeans’, Refugees Should Return and Rebuild Homelands
..Noting that a large number of immigrants have settled in Europe from the Middle East and elsewhere, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning spiritual leader said it was good for nations to help “a refugee really facing danger against their life”.

“Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country,” said the 83-year-old Tibetan.

“I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he added, stressing that countries like Germany and Sweden should make clear that refugees must “return to their homelands and rebuild them”.
....It is not the first time the Buddhist icon, who is revered by millions of followers around the world, has commented on migration politics in Europe, having previously emphasised the importance of maintaining the continent as a homeland for its native peoples “from a moral point of view too”. entire article

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